fredag 21. januar 2011

An exciting day, in the worse meaning of exciting

Today was one of those days that deserve the occasional blog spot. One of those days when everything has gone so incredible ridiculously wrong that it would be selfish to keep it to myself.
Tollef was going on a bachelor-party-trip for the weekend, and I was planning to give the dog a long walk, before going to a boardgame night with some friends. The next two days I am going to a course on mental health for dogs, and really looking forward to that.

In the morning, I had breakfast with our houseguest, one of the bachelor's friends coming from Denmark to join the party/trip. He needed some things from the shopping centre, so I decided to take the car and buy the food I needed for the weekend at the same time. A week ago I ordered some dog equipment that I would like to have for our long walk today. I didn't get any tracking number, so I called the customer services to ask if they could get it for me, so I could pick the parcel up at the post office on our way. The woman was not used to being on support line, and couldn't get the number, but she could tell me that my parcel was sent three days ago, and was not likely to get here before the weekend. We went shopping, the boys left for their trip, and I went on a nice, long walk with Kovu (the only dog for the time being, Odin is at my parents on "vacation" for another two weeks). I came home and checked the mailbox, which kept just a single note - the delivery note for my parcel. No big deal really, but particularly annoying since I actually checked up on it!

After a good lunch, a shower and some rest, I was ready to leave for the boardgame night. On my way out, I couldn't find my wallet. I had to buy some snack to bring, besides my travelcard for getting there and back, and not the least for getting to and from the course during the weekend. The last time I knew I had it was in the car after shopping, and the car was three hours drive away! Tollef didn't answer the phone, and I hoped he was not without signal for the whole trip. I searched the house for cash, and found enough to at least get me through the first day, hoping some of my friends could loan me some cash when I got there.

I also had forgotten the address of my friends place. I asked on IRC, but didn't get any answer before I had to leave to get there in time. I knew the street, and had the phone number (not registered with any address on online services of course). On my way down, I called, but didn't get any answer. After getting another two numbers for people who would be there from common aquaintances, and calling again with no answers, I checked a house number that lurked in the back of my mind, and came right.

I'd just gotten to my friends place when Tollef called me from a strange number. He hadn't gotten my sms, but called to tell me that the car had broken down, about 10 km from their destination, and his cell was out of battery. He'd called NAF (Norwegian Automobile Association) for help, but needed the membership card, which, I told him, was in the car. He also had forgotten the pin-code for his cell, so I had to help him getting it when I got home. The wallet was apparently not in the car. I left my friends after a short time, going home to look for my wallet once again, and check up some other things for Tollef. The next time he called, he'd found my wallet, and was waiting to be picked up by his friends. Luckily they had enough cars to get around for the weekend. Tomorrow, He'll call our car salesman, as the used car sales guarantee is still valid, and ask for advice on what to do. Whether to get the car fixed up there, 3 hours drive from home, or get it transported here some way and have the sales people fix the problems.

A slightly too exciting start of the weekend, I'll be happy enough with the course being a bit boring and nothing much else happening for the next couple of days.

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