torsdag 9. januar 2014

2013 - A résumé

I don't often do this, but I think the last year need a summary. I can hardly remember myself, what I did!
  • January: Health was not very good. A lot of work organising a dog show in February. Resigned my job, and got a new one!
  • February: Obedience course w/Odin. Organised a dog show. Work trip to Poznan to train my successors.
  • March: Riding holiday in Morocco. Easter in Molde with my family.
  • April: Started new job parallell to finishing the old one. Mostly work.
  • May: Rally obediance course w/Odin. Weekend trip to Hemsedal.
  • June: Birthdays. Short drop-in on Arcon. Weekend in Larvik.
  • July: Preparing dog show in August. A week in Ringebufjellet and Molde.
  • August: Road trip to UK for summer holiday. Organised dog show (successfully).
  • September: Work trip to Alicante. Weekend trip to Trondheim. Good competition w/Odin.
  • October: Tollef away a lot, so mostly work, dogs and rest. Weekend obedience course w/Odin.
  • November: Another good competition w/Odin. Weekend trip to Molde for Christmas baking.
  • December: Baking. Trip to La Manga for New Years.
Looks like I got to travel a bit after all. Kovu is also still here, but gets mostly long walks, and join the occational group trainings. He got a chip for chemical castration in October due to some hormone problems. And is still himself, mostly.

This year, there's already a lot to look forward to. In February we're going to San Francisco for two weeks. If that doesn't earn a separate blog post I'll be disappointed!
There's a few dog courses I'm looking forward to do with Odin, and I do hope to get us to elite level competitions this year. I also may take Kovu to some rally obedience competitions.
In May my sister is expecting her first child, and being first of his generation in our family he will certainly get his part of the attention.
In July I will larp again, first time in a very long time. It's been a combination of health issues and timing preventing me from larping but I really expect to make this one. I already have some plans for my costume, just waiting for more information from the organisers.
There is of course a few travels I'd like to make, preferrably including a riding holiday, if time and health permits.

Happy new year! I hope all of you have had some nice memories created in 2013, and exciting events to look forward to in 2014!

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