mandag 10. november 2014

Bath Weekend

Even though I am not sure I would like to live there, I love Bath for it's history and all the old buildings. I love the thought of people going there to relax and enjoy through thousands of years.

The second weekend in November, I caught up with Tollef who was attending a conference in London. I flew in on Thursday afternoon, an met up with him after work at Charing cross. After a quick dinner we went to see memorial at the Tower, surrounded by thousands of poppies remembering the British losses in the First World War. An impressive sight to see.

The next morning we took the train towards our intended destination for the weekend, Bath. The Airbnb lodgings were even more central than I expected, and after dropping our luggage we headed to the city center. We had a little time before our lunch reservation at the Pump Room, so we went to see the Bath Abbey first. I particularly liked the Prayer Trail that took you through prayers at different places in the Abbey.

 The lunch at the Pump Room was everything expected. Live, classical music, elegant atmosphere and nice food. I also had a taste of the famous waters, which turned out to be as promised - not very tasty! As the weather was brightening, we decided to do the Roman Baths the next day, when the forecast said it would wain. Instead we went back to our lodgings for a short rest, before we headed out again for a bit of shopping. I found the perfect birthday gift for my mother, and we had dinner at the Salamander. In the evening we went to the Thermae Spa, and enjoyed two hours of the famous spa waters. Lounging in the rooftop pool watching the fireworks was really great!

On Saturday we started out at the Roman Baths Museum, which turned out to be a lot larger than it looks. I loved it, even though I would have appreciated more information about the use and history of more recent years, not only the Roman history. Afterwards, we wandered about the city, checked out the Guildhall Market, and of course visited Shakeaway for a taste of my favourite milkshake. In the evening we went to the nearby brew pub and had a short tour about their brewery. It was ok, not very impressive, but it's rather small and new. For dinner we had their sausage plate, and we both filled up with loads of different tasting sausages.

 On Sunday morning I made some last minute shopping - some long needed clothes - and took a walk across the famous Pulteney Bridge, before we took the bus towards Heathrow. For the first time we used a lounge, and the two hour wait for our boarding was a really relaxing experience.

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